About Us

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Welltech Funding will make available to selected companies a minimum investment of $50,000, plus office space (including phones and utilities).

Welltech Funding was formed by the Chairman of Spafinder Wellness, Inc.®; participating companies have the potential to take advantage of services and expertise offered by the world’s largest spa and wellness marketing company.

Through this affiliation, Spafinder Wellness will provide valuable marketing support in the form of potential placement on spafinder.com and, when applicable, both B2B and B2C database marketing. Senior executives will provide additional support to help accelerate acceptance and growth in the marketplace.

Spafinder Wellness, Inc. is the world’s largest media and marketing company for the spa and wellness industry and the leading consumer resource for feeling good and living well all year round. With over 25 years of experience as a spa and wellness authority, millions of people find inspiration to keep well every day via the Spafinder Wellness 365™ brand, also known for its widely distributed gift cards—available at 70,000-plus retailers worldwide—and its global network of 20,000-plus spas, salons, fitness, yoga and Pilates studios and travel destinations. The company’s Corporate Wellness 365™ division offers incentive products and partnerships that help to foster wellness in the workplace.


The mission of Welltech Funding is to grow the best and brightest health and wellness technology companies

Launched in January 2012, Welltech Funding is the first business accelerator with the express goal of nurturing, developing and successfully bringing to market companies that are innovating the most important, highest-potential and consumer-focused health and wellness solutions. The unique aspect of Welltech Funding is its affiliation with Spafinder Wellness, Inc.®, an industry leader in health and wellness.

Spa and wellness, now a US $3.4 trillion global industry is poised for further explosive growth, as hundreds of millions of consumers now aggressively seek new, smarter, health and wellness solutions and alternatives to combat the high cost and limited scope of “traditional healthcare.”¹

Coupled with a growing global interest in wellness, Welltech Funding’s focus is right on target: a) identifying companies developing the most promising health and wellness technologies, platforms and tools; b) providing them with a strong, collaborative, entrepreneurial support network, seed capital and receptive consumer audiences; and c) fostering rapid growth from a company with “great promise” to one with “great profits.”

However, when we discover a company that fulfills a strong consumer need or business benefit, we occasionally step outside of our normal investment guidelines.

¹The Global Spa & Wellness Economy Report 2014, prepared by the Global Wellness Institute and SRI International.